Here’s How Long It Takes for Shrooms to Kick In?

Here’s How Long It Takes for Shrooms to Kick In?

If you’ve ever thought about trying magic mushrooms, chances are you have a few questions. While dosage, strains, and how you’ll feel on them will likely top your list, one of the most common questions we get is how long it takes for shrooms to kick in. Before we get into the timeline, let’s go over the history of magic mushrooms, as well as other important safety tips you need to know when taking them.

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Generally, when eaten whole, it takes around 30-60 minutes for shrooms to kick in – depending on a few factors. When consuming as a tea, effects can come sooner — about 10-15 minutes. However, the amount of time it takes for shrooms to kick in can vary from person-to-person. According to Alberto

Once you start to feel the effects, the trip can last for around 4-6 hours. However, this depends on how you consume the psilocybin and if you’ve fasted, among others.

A Breakdown How Long it Takes for Shrooms To Kick

Factors Affecting ExperienceHow Long It Typically Takes for Shrooms to Kick InAdditional Notes
Method of Ingestion
Tea15-45 minutesThis will provide the quickest effect due its liquid form
Powdered20 minutes – 1 hourAbsorbed more rapidly than whole shrooms
Capsules20 minutes – 1 hourGelatin capsule can delay absorption slightly
Whole30 minutes – 2 hoursTakes longest due to need for full digestion and how much you’ve eaten (see below) will come into play
Dietary Factors
Fasted20 minutes – 1 hourQuickest onset as there is no other food to digest
Having eaten 3-4 hours prior, or consuming the shrooms with a meal20 minutes – 1 hourFood can slow down onset slightly
After a full mealUp to 2 hoursTakes the longest as your body needs to digest the meal first
Type of ShroomsVariesMore potent mushrooms (such as Penis Envy, Flying Saucers or Blue Meanies) or a higher dose can cause quicker onset
Individual FactorsVariesEvery person’s body digests and absorbs psilocybin uniquely. As one example, an individual’s metabolism can influence how quickly psilocybin is metabolized by the body, which may affect the time it takes for the effects to kick in.

So as a general rule, drinking mushroom tea after having fasted will be the quickest way for shrooms to kick in. While eating whole shrooms on a full stomach will take shrooms the longest to kick in. It’s worth noting that the duration and intensity of the effects can also be influenced by these factors. It is important to approach the use of magic mushrooms responsibly and be aware of the potential risks and legal status in your location.


All of these factors can contribute to when the shrooms will kick in, as well as how long the effects will last:

1. The method in which you choose to digest. (IE: Teas, powdered, capsules, or whole)

  • Teas tend to take effect the quickest, on average between 15 to 45 minutes.
  • Powdered would be the next quickest, as the mushrooms are already broken down and can be absorbed more rapidly.
  • Capsules typically contain powdered mushrooms, so the only barrier to absorption is the gelatin capsule.
  • Whole mushrooms are most likely to take the longest to kick in, since they have to be fully digested.

2. If you’ve eaten beforehand.

  • If you take mushrooms on a fasted stomach, they will certainly kick in quicker than if you’ve eaten. Similarly, if you take mushrooms at the beginning of a meal, you’re more likely to feel them faster than if you take them after a full meal. If you’re taking them on a full stomach, shrooms can sometimes take upwards of 2 hours to kick in.

3. The type of mushrooms.

  • There are a wide variety of psychedelic mushrooms available on the market today, all with varying strengths and even their own unique “signature” style of trip. If you take a more potent mushroom, you may feel the effects sooner than a variety that is lower in tryptamine.

4. The individual.

  • The human body and all of its functionality, especially its propensity to digest and absorb psilocybin mushrooms, is unique to each individual. Until further studies are conducted on larger groups of people, it’s best to ensure that you’re comfortable, ready, and set in your setting when you decide to embark on a psychedelic journey.

Not feeling the effects of your shrooms? Alberto Herrera of Soul Medicine says, “The best advice in the space of ceremony is to slow down and put your focus on your breathing, allow the mind to calm and surrender to the experience.”

But in a retreat setting, there are a few other things you can do. “At Soul Medicine retreats we work with the medicine of the Temazcal and Kambo, these two Medicines help as a preparation for working with the Psilocybin. They both help to clan the energy of the body and help to make us more present. In this state we are able to be less resistant and more easily surrender to the experience with the Mushroom,” Herrera says.

Set Your Intention

When trying a new psychedelic drug, it’s important to set your intention. Your intention is your motivation for your “journey,” such as what you hope to get out of it. However it can also be something as simple as a phrase that you can refer back to throughout your journey if you need to refocus or recenter yourself.

HealingMaps Glossary: Once you start learning about the world of psychedelics, you’ll often hear the term set and setting. The “set” refers to your mindset upon beginning a psychedelic journey, and the intentions you set for it. The “setting” is about the environment where you are taking them.

Other things you can do to help create the most positive experience include:

  • Educate yourself on all things psilocybin. This includes learning about their history, including any potential side effects or risks. Once you know how long it takes shrooms to kick in (and how long they’ll last), as well as how you can expect to feel, the easier it will be to open up to the journey.
  • Talk to a friend, family member, loved one, or a professional about your intentions on trying magic mushrooms.
  • Once your mindset is set and you’re ready to go through the experience, work on the setting.

Bottom line? Don’t rush this part of the experience. Psychedelic effects have always had a connection to the social and cultural context in which they’ve been taken. The more you prepare, the more likely you are to extract the most out of your psychedelic journey.

How to Choose a Safe Setting for a Psilocybin Experience

Once you thought about what your intentions and mindset (aka “set”) will be for your shrooms experience, you’ll need to focus on your setting. The right space for your psilocybin experience is one that will make you feel comfortable and safe. Think about the lighting you want, music, calming herbs and oils, even the furniture…

If possible, it also helps to have a trip sitter, especially if this is your first time. If choosing to have someone to assist you, let them know about your intentions from the experience. Also make sure they stay by your side throughout the entire process.

HealingMaps Glossary: A trip sitter is a sober friend or person you trust who can watch over you during a psychedelic experience to make sure you are comfortable and safe. A sitter can be different from a psychedelic guide or facilitator who may be specifically trained in the psychedelic experience. Psychedelic therapists, on the other hand, have formal training and certification, and are often recommended for those who have underlying mental health conditions.

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