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Advanced Wellness and Pain offers ketamine infusion services to people who have lost hope for healing.

The wellness clinic utilizes cutting-edge ketamine treatments to help those with mood and pain disorders find relief from their symptoms where other more traditional treatments have failed. However, ketamine therapy has been proven effective in as many as 75 percent of people who use it for their treatment-resistant disorders.

The wellness clinic was founded by a group of highly-skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals with one shared goal: To bring innovative mental health care to their community in a way that makes a real difference. The team at Advanced Wellness and Pain creates tailored ketamine treatment plans that are unique to each individual for the most optimal results.  

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  • Anahata Family
    September 24, 2022 at 4:00 am

    AWAP treated 3 members of our family from June 2022 to September 2022. An amazing journey it has been. The office and private rooms are filled with exceptional original artwork from Alex Grey to local artists and designed to create a perfect setting to allow for a patient to relax into the right mindset to take each journey. Rooms change with each of the 6 sessions and end with the ‘space room’ where a truly out of body experience is the reward for a job well done in healing oneself. The doctors and staff take great care to make each patient feel surrounded in an atmosphere of healing, love and trust. They truly saved lives in our family. Be sure to visit other clinics before AWAP, then call them and ask for a tour of their facility, you’ll know the right choice as soon as you walk in. Thank you to Dr. Leatham, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Wong and of course clinic manager Rose. Be well and remember that ‘the only way out is through’ !!

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