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Catalyst Clinic – Pleasant Grove, Utah Ketamine Clinics

194 S Main St, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
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Testimonial from a Catalyst Clinic Patient

After feeling like I had tried everything I explored ketamine treatments and it has changed my life. I would recommend Catalyst to anyone.

– Ceri. R.

People coping with the debilitating symptoms of treatment-resistant mood disorders can finally find relief at the Catalyst Clinic. The ketamine center offers ketamine infusion services to help patients who are battling depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These mood disorders often fail to respond to traditional forms of therapy. In 75% of these cases, ketamine can help.

The highly-skilled and compassionate team at Catalyst Clinic understands how difficult it can be to go through several treatments to no avail. They use their passion for healing and expertise in the medical field to offer patients a brighter future. By using ketamine, they can help people regain control of their mental health once and for all.


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