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People suffering from mental health disorders and addiction can find holistic healthcare at Colorado Recovery Solutions. The mental health and wellness clinic offers ketamine therapy to help people heal from their afflictions. They offer ketamine therapy through Spravato (nasal) and IV. And also offer TMS therapy as well. Using advanced medical therapies, the staff at the clinic hopes to improve brain health in as many patients as possible.

The highly-experienced medical team at Colorado Recovery Solutions is comprised of medical professionals truly passionate about mental health. Using ketamine alongside other innovative healing modalities allows them to use science-backed and forward-thinking treatments in an effective and long-lasting way. By utilizing ketamine, the team at the clinic can give their patients their lives back.

What patients are Saying about Colorado Recovery Solutions:

What reviewers like about their experience:

1. One reviewer expresses their love for Colorado Recovery Solutions and how TMS treatments have positively changed their life.
2. Another reviewer is grateful for finding Colorado Recovery Solutions and praises the caring and compassionate staff, especially Dr. Johnson and Ashley VanderJagt.
3. A patient who struggled with depression and anxiety for years shares how TMS therapy and medication management at Colorado Recovery Solutions transformed their life. They express gratitude to Peyton and the staff.

What reviewers don’t like about their experience:
1. One reviewer expressed disappointment with TMS treatment, describing it as uncomfortable and the helmet as painful.
2. The relocation of the office disrupted one reviewer’s continuity of care, they said.
2. One reviewer felt the professionalism and friendliness she experienced throughout her treatment disappeared at her last session.
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