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People struggling with mental health conditions, chronic pain, or general unwellness can find relief at Floresta Retreats Pawling. The wellness center offers a 4-day psychedelic retreat experience to those who wish to experience the healing power of ketamine.

Along with ketamine therapy, the retreat also offers an indigenous medicine ceremony, meditation, breathwork, and more. The retreat combines innovative therapies with traditional ancient healing techniques to leave guests feeling rejuvenated.

Interested in joining a Psychedelics Clinical Trial? Sign up here now and we will connect you with a clinical trial in your area when one becomes available.

Floresta Retreats Pawling aims to reset wellness for their guests. Their curated staff of clinicians, doctors, coaches, and pioneers work together. The collaborative approach helps guests reach a new level of healing by treating each person as a whole person.

True healing can only be achieved when all aspects of the self are catered to, and at Floresta, each person receives that level of total-wellness care.

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