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Markus Ploesser MD is a board-certified General and Forensic Psychologist. He provides ketamine therapy treatments to people suffering from treatment-resistant mood disorders.

Dr. Ploesser specializes in adult ADHD, as well as holistic and integrative medicine. By providing ketamine therapy to his patients, Ploesser can utilize integrative medicine in a way that reduces the use of prescription medicine.

When it comes to mental health, Markus Ploesser MD also believes that diet and lifestyle play a major role in the onset and duration of chronic mood disorders. That is why he provides well-rounded treatment plans utilizing various aspects of health treatments and lifestyle changes.

These changes, alongside ketamine therapy, can help provide brighter futures for those who have found no relief from traditional forms of medicine.

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  • Lara Muhlberg
    September 28, 2022 at 2:51 am

    I’m interested in your services, please and thank you

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