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People suffering from the debilitating effects of chronic mood disorders can find relief at Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry. The mental health clinic utilizes various cutting-edge therapies clinically proven to address the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. Ketamine therapy, psychedelic therapy, and transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS) are all offered at the clinic.

By utilizing many different treatment modalities, the team at Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry can help more people overcome their disorders by being able to create truly unique and tailored treatment plans. Each patient can expect compassion and to be treated as the individual they are when visiting the clinic for treatment.  

Testimonials from Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry Patients

Oh my god it’s like looking at the world through a different set of lenses…I used to struggle getting out of bed but now I have a lot more energy and I have so much more motivation to do things…this really pulled me out of that funk and I never knew what it felt like to have such calmness inside of me and it helps me process things so differently…My mood has been so great since and I’ve never felt this good…After my first dose of ketamine I admit I was skeptical but the more I kept going I started to see the benefits.

Marcy B


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