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At Revitalist Knoxville, patients suffering from a plethora of health conditions can find relief from their symptoms with ketamine therapy. The clinic treats depression, anxiety, OCD, chronic pain conditions, migraines, and PTSD. The highly trained medical professionals here are passionate about helping people using ketamine therapy. The consultation will help the patient and the clinic decide if ketamine is right for them. They also offer TMS therapy, which can be covered by insurance for certain conditions.

The founders of Revitalist Knoxville are passionate about combining medical advancements with holistic care to create a well-rounded approach to healing. By providing ketamine therapy in various forms, the team at the health center can provide uniquely tailored treatment plans suited to each patient’s individual needs.

What types of ketamine services does Revitalist Clinic offer?

  • IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy
  • Esketamine/Spravato
  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
  • TMS therapy

What conditions does Revitalist Clinic treat?

  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Migraines

Important Info:

  • The Revitalist Provider Portal allows your doctor to refer you for consultation. Should you receive treatment, the clinic will communicate with your existing provider(s) regarding your care.
  • Although ketamine itself is not typically covered by insurance, other services during your visit may still be billable. Revitalist is also able to file with most other plans they are not in network with; however, you should contact your insurance provider to find your out-of-network coverage. Out of Network coverage typically pays less toward your treatment plan.
    • In Tennessee, Revitalist is currently accepting the following insurance plans:
      • Palmetto Medicare (excluding Medicaid plans)
      • BlueCross BlueShield TN (excluding BlueCare plans)
      • United Healthcare (excluding Community Plans)
  • Applicable forms of payment include cash, check, credit card, HSA, FSA or by payment plans through Advance Care Card or M-Lend Financial.
  • Revitalit Clinic works with Osmind, an app that serves as a central hub to track your progress, communicate in between appointments, and fine-tune your treatment plan.

Your Treatment: What to Expect

An initial consultation will determine whether ketamine is the right choice for you. Infusions themselves last about 45 minutes and take place in a specially-equipped medical office by a member of the Revitalist team, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA). Some patients report out-of-body sensations or mild hallucinations, but these side effects disappear soon after the infusion ends.

Who is this treatment for?

Those who have not been helped by conventional treatment strategies have another option with ketamine treatments at Revitalist Clinic. Research in the last 7-10 years has shown that ketamine infusions are effective for those suffering from treatment-resistant mental health conditions and chronic pain conditions. Either as an alternative to or a supplement to mainstream treatments, ketamine infusions offer an alternative path to healing for those who have lost hope.

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