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At Revitalist Novi, people suffering from the debilitating symptoms of various chronic health disorders can finally find relief through the use of ketamine and TMS therapy. The two cutting-edge breakthroughs in medical science are clinically proven to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, migraines, PTSD, and more. The clinic takes pride in offering research-backed options to people who have tried everything on the sun to no avail. 

The compassionate and knowledgeable team at Revitalist Novi believes in the founder’s mission of helping people by bridging the gap between holistic healthcare and traditional medicine. It takes more than one approach to treatment to treat complex diseases, and that is why the team at the clinic offers several options. By providing these services to patients, they can help more people regain control of their health once and for all. 

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  • Kathleen Marie Cafferty
    January 21, 2023 at 12:28 am

    DO NOT USE. It’s a huge corporation that just wants your money. They do not have patients best interests in mind. It’s been three weeks since they shut down the Michigan location and no showing and interrupting my daughter’s care. Won’t return calls. Stay away.

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  • Therese
    December 12, 2022 at 3:01 pm

    Update!! I emailed the founder, Kathryn Walker. Initially seemed concerned. However nothing has been resolved. She claimed to be “investigating”.Really? All I expected was a proper paid receipt for my insurance. That requires an investigation? I am fed up! Stay away from this company! This has been going on for almost a year! I should have been given a receipt in January after paid in full. I want a REFUND for the therapy from Revitalist. Awful customer service with no long term results. Don’t waste your money with this treatment. Not trustworthy and they have a terrible billing department.

    My son received treatment in January. The staff was friendly and seemed genuine. The treatment protocol was initially effective but the positive results quickly dissipated. If you are looking for “long term” positive effects this treatment may not work for you. It’s an expensive treatment for short lived results. At the time the Novi clinic was new, they hadn’t been set up to accept BCBSM. We were told that they participate and the billing office would prepare a detailed, itemized bill to submit to BCBSM for reimbursement.After paying the entire amount in full, I received a “itemized” receipt on 3/25/22. I immediately submitted it to BCBSM. Only to be told that the “itemized” receipt was’t detailed, didn’t include proper billing, procedure and other medical codes. The receipt also did not show paid in full. This began a months longs journey between Revitalist and BCBSM. I submitted to BCBSM for reimbursement 6 times and kept asking the Revitalist billing department for a more detailed paid receipt. Left over 10 messages, talked to several employees to be told that it would be sent asap. Then, in September I was finally contacted by a person in billing to be told that they are short staffed and that she would do her best to get this over to me. She told me that she was notified of this request in August and she was very behind. It is now Nov. This is not factual as I left the billing dept. detailed messages in March, April, May, etc. I still do have the proper receipt to submit to BCBSM for reimbursement. My initial request was submitted on 3/25/22, the same day I received my so called receipt from Revitalist. Over 8 months of continuously asking for a proper receipt from Revitalist billing and I still have nothing! I am beyond upset and frustrated. At this point I want to be credited by Revitalist for $2422 cost of billed therapy sessions that BCBSM covers under my plan. This is very poor business practice! My recommendation is to steer clear of Revitalist! What seemed to be a viable treatment ended up not being as effective as promised and the billing department is unorganized and unhelpful! Look into other viable less stressful options! No one needs to be put through this in order to receive reimbursement from their insurance co. on covered services.

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