The Weirdest Magic Mushroom Strain Might Be the Enigma

The Weirdest Magic Mushroom Strain Might Be the Enigma

Deep within the heart of mycology lies a mystery—the Enigma mushroom. The name alone sparks intrigue. Among the vast array of fungi, this strain certainly stands apart, a luminary in the captivating world of Psilocybe cubensis.

My Experience with These Mutant Mushrooms

There’s a kaleidoscope of nature’s surprises in the realm of mushroom cultivation. One quickly realizes that the journey is as unpredictable as it is fascinating. In my own forays into growing these enigmatic fungi, I’ve encountered a wide spectrum of mushroom idiosyncrasies.

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Each batch of mushrooms tells its own tale, filled with drama, quirks, and unexpected turns. There have been instances where one mushroom boldly grows atop another, establishing its dominance in a surreal display of nature. Others choose a path of solitude, sprouting alone, while some form tight-knit communities, growing in clusters, as if seeking companionship in their brief lives.

The Enigma mushrooms looks different from other strains of psilocybe cubensis. Photo courtesy of

Morphology, too, can be a box of surprises. The classic image of a mushroom—a cap and stem—is just the tip of the iceberg. Some appear robust, flaunting their thickened girth, while others take on more delicate, elongated forms. The direction of their growth is a whimsical dance; some reach straight up, extending towards the sky, while others curve, twist, or even daringly grow downwards, as if exploring the mysteries of the earth below.

Yet, among all these variations, there are those truly unexpected outliers: the ones that challenge our very understanding of what a mushroom should look like. I’ve seen them abruptly halt their growth, like they’ve had a sudden change of heart. There are the blob-like anomalies, looking as though they’ve forsaken the idea of being a mushroom altogether.

Then, of course, there are the likes of the Enigma, which are in a league of their own.

Regardless of their shapes, sizes, or oddities, one constant remains: the signature blue bruising that reveals the presence of psilocybin. It’s nature’s little hint, reminding us of the magic within. Interestingly, while the bruising remains a consistent trait, almost everything else about these mushrooms, even within the confines of the psilocybe cubensis species, seems open to interpretation. Below I will discuss the Enigma mutation of the psilocybe cubensis mushroom, one that has gained some popularity over the last few years.

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Not Your Typical Strain

In any gathering of fungi enthusiasts, when the name “Enigma” pops up, it’s bound to raise eyebrows. The reason? It’s not just another strain of cubensis, but something more nuanced. 

The Enigma represents a distinct phenotype and genotype. This means that its presence is defined by both observable characteristics and genetic attributes. In simpler terms, it’s like a unique fingerprint in the broader P. cubensis family. It’s not merely a variant; it’s a statement.

Time lapse of the fruiting bodies of the enigma mushroom. Photos and videos courtesy of

Distinguishing Features: Beyond the Ordinary

Mycologists and enthusiasts alike are captivated by the visual allure of the Enigma. While its cousins in the P. cubensis family might share similarities, the Enigma revels in its unique identity. Pale, often drawing comparisons to coral or brain structures, it truly is a sight to behold.

Beneath its beauty lies a rich tale of genetic divergence. The undulating folds, intricate crinkles, and mesmerizing ridges tell a story of its distinct lineage. But its differences aren’t just skin-deep. The real mystery is in its biology. The mushroom’s reproductive strategy defies conventional wisdom. Whereas most mushrooms release spores from their caps, the Enigma charts its own path. Its caps and folds never open. Spores never drop. It propagates and reproduces mostly through the actions of humans. We work together, we and the Enigma. We’re a symbiosis worthy of respect.

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A Grower’s Challenge and Delight

Attempting to cultivate the Enigma is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a test of a grower’s patience, often demanding up to four times the growth period of its counterparts.

However, the prolonged wait isn’t without its rewards. To see the Enigma come to life, in all its unique glory, is nothing short of a mycologist’s dream. The anticipation, the nurturing, and finally, the reveal—it’s all part of the Enigma’s enchantment.

The fruiting bodies of the Enigma mushrooms don’t open to drop spores. Photo from

The Name Game and Enigma’s Many Monikers

‘Enigma’ might be its most celebrated title, but this mushroom has inspired a plethora of nicknames over time. Some, captivated by its resemblance to cerebral structures, have lovingly dubbed it ‘Brainiac’. Meanwhile, others, noting its undulating patterns, lean towards ‘Tidalwave’.

These monikers, as varied as they are, shine a light on the mushroom’s multifaceted nature. Each name is a nod to a different, distinctive trait, showcasing the myriad ways in which the Enigma captures imaginations.

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Enigma Mushroom Origins and Theories: Delving Deeper

The origins of the Enigma are, fittingly, enigmatic. A popular hypothesis suggests that it might have been birthed from an unlikely union of two P. cubensis mating types. Such a fortuitous meeting could explain the surface-level sclerotia, a feature that distinguishes the Enigma from its peers.

While concrete evidence might be elusive, the myriad theories add another layer of allure. Each speculation, each whispered tale, contributes to the ever-growing legend of the Enigma.

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Personal Encounters: A Journey of the Mind

Adventurous souls who’ve embarked on a psychedelic journey with the Enigma often paint vivid tales. Descriptions of lucid, potent experiences are common. However, like any psychedelic endeavor, the effects are deeply personal.

While some recount tales of enlightenment and profound clarity, others tread with a blend of curiosity and caution. The Enigma, with its potent allure, invites introspection and exploration, promising a journey unlike any other.

An Ongoing Enigma

Mycology offers many wonders, but few match the allure of the Enigma mushroom. Its genetic tale, growth patterns, and the myriad experiences it offers make it a gem. For the seasoned expert or the budding enthusiast, the Enigma remains an invitation to unravel a mystery.

Let’s Look at Other Magic Mushroom Strains

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