Gaia Sagrada Retreat – Cuenca, Ecuador Ayahuasca Retreats

Via a Llayzhatan Bajo 108, Cuenca, Ecuador
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The Gaia Sagrada Retreat, aptly named after Mother Earth herself, provides guests with the chance to reconnect with nature in a loving and peaceful environment. The retreat offers 12-, 7-, and 6-day retreats, as well as month-long stays for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in all that the retreat offers.

Founder Christine Breese started the Gaia Sagrada retreat to bring effective plant medicine therapy to people in a safe and nurturing way. She worked with shamanism for many years, and believes that true enlightenment can be found through one of her ayahuasca retreats. As a humble woman with a strong desire to help people, Breese is at the heart of her center, and that love for healing helps every guest who visits.

With mounting evidence supporting microdosing psychedelics to improve mood and focus, more and more people are becoming interested in ayahuasca ceremonies. Whether somebody has persistent mental health issues, chronic pain, or addiction tendencies, Breese believes this is an era of change. The increasing research to back up the use of psychedelics may confirm that she is right about that.

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