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4128 Kenyon Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90066
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People struggling to cope with mood disorders and other health conditions can find help at Soul Surgeon by Moos MD. The health and wellness clinic offers ketamine therapy as a way to help people find their way back to themselves. Each ketamine journey follows a specific set of steps, including preparation, set and setting, journey day, navigation, self-care and grounding, and integration. By creating a thorough and well-planned therapy service using ketamine, the medical professionals at the clinic can offer safe and effective psychedelic treatment.

Soul Surgeon by Moos MD is led by Dr. John Moos. Dr. Moos believes that healing is an inside job, and many healthcare settings do not provide people with the opportunity to find healing due to lacking conditions. Dr. Moos and his team take pride in offering patients the chance to experience healing through love, self-discovery, and viable ketamine treatment.

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